A Quilty Happy New Year and Introduction

    A Quilty Happy New Year and Introduction

    Firstly, a Happy New Year to all!

    Hi, my name is Maya and I am the face behind our little shop of patchwork.

    I have been procrastinating to blog because let’s face it, I am no writer. However, you can’t imagine the illusion that I am putting into this project. My head is wrapped up with many ideas and I cannot wait to set them set in stone and get them all organized. Each day that passed while this blog was heating up in the oven, more and more ideas arrived. All of them focused to reach your hearts, the same ones that share our passion for fabrics.

    In our menu, you can access our online store so you can see everything we have available and what’s to come. We invite you to have inspiration, read the news that we are sharing on the web and share with you all your love for patchwork, pre-cut fabrics, patterns that you ask us so much and notions.

    We will publish news, contests, and download inspiring free patterns in the download section.

    I came to a conclusion! I should turn our blog into a fun space. No stress! I want to make this space one where you can feel identified with personal stories, share ideas, or simply pass by to say hello or introduce yourself. For me, the little things are the most important. I hope you like it.

    ❄I wish you all well and until next time!

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